American Helicopter Society San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Award Descriptions

2017 awards:

Velkoff: Matthew S. Whalley, Marc D. Takahashi, M. Hossein Mansur, LTC Carl R. Ott, MAJ Joseph S. Minor, MAJ Zachariah G. Morford, Ernesto Moralez, Marcos G. Berrios, Chad L. Goerzen, and Gregory J. Schulein

Schroers: Degraded Visual Environment Mitigation (DVE-M) Team (MAJ Joseph S. Minor, MAJ Zachariah G. Morford, Richard W. Huber, Zoltan P. Szobozslay, Brian T. Fujizawa, Jeffery A. Lusardi, Nathan L. Mielcarek, John Archdeacon, and Michael J. Irish)

Franklin: Ben Lawrence

Chapter Contribution: Anita I. Abrego 

Technical Support: Patrick M. Shinoda

Lifetime Achievement: Franklin D. Harris

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the American Helicopter Society solicits nominations for several awards each year. Brief descriptions are provided here; additional information may be obtained from the Technical Chair of the AHS SFBAC Board (see Contacts). For a list of previous winners, please click on the links to the left.

The Robert L. Lichten Award

Given to an individual, who has not previously presented their work at a national forum, for the best technical presentation in a regional competition.


Velkoff Award for Outstanding Technical Paper

Given to an individual(s) for the best technical paper, written or published within the last 12 months, documenting a significant contribution to the field of vertical flight.


Schroers Award for Outstanding Rotorcraft Research

Given to an individual or group for significant contribution to rotorcraft technology.


Franklin Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Powered-Lift Field (formerly named "Outstanding VTOL Research" award)

Given to an individual or group for significant contribution to powered-lift technology (other than helicopters).


Outstanding Technical Support

Given to an individual or group for exceptional technical support of vertical flight operation, research, or experimentation (such as technicians, operators, crew chiefs, pilots, inspectors,etc.).


Outstanding Contribution to the AHS local Chapter

Given to an individual who has shown dedication and enthusiam toward furthering the goals and interests of the local AHS chapter.


Lifetime Achievement Award

Given to an individual recognizing sustained, outstanding contributions to the advancement of rotorcraft through a life-long dedication and outstanding technical and management leadership.